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of reduction in sales to minors, which was out of los angeles county, and asked what they do. they do have that in their ordinance this they can charge these monetary penalties. because of the success rate i was interested in what they did and they strictly do suspension of permits. and our ordinance here in san francisco, the way we read it, it doesn't allow for any kind of monetary penalty. clearly a violation of california penal code this section 308 only allows for us to do a suspension on the permit, which was what we did in this case. >> how did you arrive at the 30 day determination? >> i took over this program. actually this was the first round of cases i received when i took over this program in april. i continued the policy that had been in place, my understanding, for years of a 30-day suspension. so i just continued the existing and standing policy the department of public health has. >> 30 days for first offense, even though you could suspend up to 90 days? >> correct. the hearing officer, of course, can reduce or increase up to 90 days or reduce to one day based on the
for civilization. deputy stephen sorenson interesting enough was an x. server from the south bay in los angeles, and he, too, begin gravitating towards the desert at some point and had volunteered for the position of resident deputy and a very remote outpost. tops know that they have a dangerous line of work, and that anything that happens when they get up because she office that day. but very few of them will volunteer for a room a beat like this because if you get called to a domestic violence incident, say, if you take an hour for back up to right. this is a violent and dangerous beak and it takes a certain kind of person to want to take it on your and the fact i at one point asked, i sat down with the sheriff, the chief sheriff of los angeles county shows department at one point, and this is like i think the six most powerful law enforcement agency in the world. it's huge. and i said why would somebody, why did deputy sorenson volunteer for the beat? he said, whatever it was, it was his mission to protect god's creation. i thought that really told me a lot about deputy sorenson. and as you
and towns deal with the unexpected consequences from their early infrastructure design. los angeles county is a land of sprawling development. with development comes hundreds of square miles of concrete, leaving no way for water to naturally soak into the ground. in areas of such widespread urbanization, flooding can be devastating. man: back in early 1930s, there was a flooding that took a lot of lives and property. as a result, the city of los angeles, in order to protect future flooding in the city, they decided to take the los angeles river and make it a flood control channel. they concreted the walls of the river in order for water to get to ocean much faster. narrator: cities throughout southern california converted natural rivers to these concrete channels, part of their storm drain systems. this allowed expanding development without the need for large flood plains. kharaghani: the los angeles river is approximately 51 miles. concrete reduces the size of the river that you need to carry the water because it speeds up the flow of water. if you'd like to remove all the concrete and to
, the famous defense attorney, stood on a downtown los angeles sidewalk and he watched his chief investigator seized by the police caught in the act of bribing a juror. a few weeks later, darrow was indicted on two counts of bribery, and burt franklin, the investigator, agreed to testify against them. he swore that darrow had ordered him to pay $4000 to jurors who agreed to vote not guilty. and darrow was at that time at the height of the same one of america's foremost trial lawyers, political leaders and populist champions, and his careened staggered off track there in southern california. caught up by shame he left his wife one reunite for the apartment of his mistress. with a revolver in one pocket and a whiskey barrel -- whiskey bottle in the other, he sat down and vowed to kill them so. she brought out two glasses. they sat at a wooden table underneath one of those swinging bare lightbulbs. and fortunately for us she talked him out of it. he went on to create an american architect, lawyer for the little guy, advocate for the common folk. poking his thumbs, regarding the jury from beneath
. in population centers like los angeles, the scope of the task is staggering. the hyperion wastewater treatment plant serves four million people. it processes 350 million gallons of sewage and removes 500 tons of solids daily. after treatment at hyperion, what was once raw sewage is clean enough to release into santa monica bay. other cities and towns release treated wastewater, or effluent, into local rivers, lakes, and streams. as it flows downstream, additional cities may capture it for drinking water, consume it, and treat the water again. in other words, the water coming out of a wastewater treatment plant often enters the watershed, flows into intakes of drinking water treatment plants, and eventually finds its way right back to our faucets. it takes huge investments to ensure that wastewater and drinking water treatment plants function properly to maintain a safe water supply. we made the initial investments in the plants and the pipes. but once we accomplished that, there was this great recognition that we had a series of issues associated with wet weather conditions. storm events where
in los angeles and i got a ticket 20 years ago and never did it again and i think we need to make the pedestrians aware of the rules and they must respect traffic as well and there needs to be outreach there. >> mr. lagos. >> yes, this is a very interesting question and it affects everybody, and i come from a city originally where the cars are king, los angeles, and one of the reasons i came here because the car isn't king here, but for pedestrians it is a problem, and i support reducing automobile traffic in certain parts of san francisco because i think there are parts of san francisco dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists and i would support any proposal to reduce traffic and those zones in san francisco that have been shown to be dangerous for pedestrians. >> all right. thank you sir. mr. rogers. >> i hope this doesn't seem like a continual drum beat but if they make the park merced project go forward there is going to be a lot more traffic on 19th avenue. with that said i know the cameras are slowing people from going across the yellow lights into the red lights and i th
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. >> la señora gloria jimenez se recupera de sus heridas y sus hijos están fuera de peligro. >> lo primero que tienen que determinar es la identidad del cuerpo calcinado del lugar de los hechos. >> en los angeles juan carlos gonzalez univisión. >> (música) >> (música) >> el presidente presidente barack obama y mitt romney están empatados con el 47Ç% de los votos cuándo falta un poco más de 2 semanas para los comisios, el diario wall street journal y la ventaja de mitt romney. >> y a pocas horas del último debate presidencial se prepara la bateria de argumentos, lurdes del ríos nos dicen como van los preparativos de la prueba de fuego. >> continúan a toda maquina a un día del debate este podría ser crucial para el resultado de las elecciones. >> ser bien directo en su forma de presentar el mensaje y repetir lo que hizo que es refutar las mentiras y falsedades de mitt romney y no permitir que se queden en el aire. >> mitt romney hizo una labor formidable y los números se mueven a el. >> la agresividad que ambos candidatos demostraron puede ser un reflejo de la presión ante la t
domestic violence policy for our city. other cities including los angeles and seattle have developed strong and effective policis and i'm supporting the department and the domestic violence consortium and groups to establish such a policy in san francisco to make us a leader in combating domestic violence in our communities. also today i stood with a number of my colleagues on the board, supervisor campos, kim, and supervisor olague, who has helped me and a grassroots coalition of senior and disability advocates. it's been a several-year effort from the grassroots organizations and leaders in many of our collaboratives as well. as background in 2011, i convened with supervisor olague and others and seniors and disability action. because this is a sector of our community that is growing and will face increasing challenges as they age in place. san francisco's official policy is to support seniors to age in place. however, san francisco has no comprehensive strategy for serving those by choice or circumstance live in residential hotels. a form of housing while relatively affordable and clo
is trying to creep down from the north. further to the south, los angeles isn't going to experience too much from this storm. further to the north, yosemite is under a winter storm warning. the weather pattern, very mild an warm. all the stormy weather is right along the west coast. that's going to continue during the day today. even as we go throughout the week, the cool air remains but the stormy weather will be gone. takeou plan your day. in general, a lot of people need umbrellas. in higher elevations, for the first time, snow shovels. >>> this snow is going to slowly lingr in the west. it doesn't look like it will exit until probably thursday. >>> controlling your phone or ipad with a blink of an eye. gas prices drop. your business headlines are still ahead. >>> cuban leader fidel castro is seen for the first time in months and he criticizes the rumor mongers. we'll have the details. you're watching "early today." >> announcer: brought to the makers of centrum. >>> good morning. welcome back to "early today." here are some of the stories this morning. clashes erupted in lebanon followin
founding in 2008, she has grown to more than 40 employees and has expanded to boston, chicago, los angeles, new york city, portland, san francisco, and seattle, with several more markets to come. under her leadership, it was named one of the next big things in tech by the wall street journal, the start up to watch by ink magazine. please welcome leah. jamie wong is the co-founder and ceo of her vision of a more open world and exchanges through travel is the driving force. her commitment to bringing travel experiences to the world by making it easier to find, create, and book provides a platform for the community. she is a dynamic creative and leader with a passion for bringing ideas to market the change the way people live. finally, jay. in his girl as the chief innovation officer, he is working with the tech community and public to bring the government into the digital age. a partnership announced in 2012 will open the doors of government to our tech community to drive new solutions and businesses. if you have ideas for innovating services for government, please send him a twe
tavis: good evening. from los angeles, i am tavis smiley. tonight, a conversation with michael chiklis, the former star of "the shield," who is once again finding success on primetime with a cop drama called "vegas." it debuted as number one -- as the number one new fall series. a conversation with michael chiklis coming up right now. >> there is a saying that dr. king had that said there is always the right time to do the right thing. i just try to live my life every day by doing the right thing. we know that we are only halfway to completely eliminate hunger, and we have a lot of work to do. walmart committed $2 billion to fighting hunger in the u.s. as we work together, we can stamp hunger out. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: pleased to welcome michael chiklis back to this program. the star of "the shield" is back in prime time with tv's most- watched new show, "vegas." the show airs tuesday night at 10:00 on cbs. here is a scene. >> i tailored every last detail. my best room, my best boost -- booze. they let you win. that
to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet los angeles. - get ready to vrrrooom with me, neighbour! because today we're going to clock factory park to play cars! and then we're going to katerina kittycat's house to do a jungle dance. i'm so happy you're here! and i'll be right back! is made possible in part by... the richard king mellon foundation. dedicated for over sixty years to south western pennsylvania's quality of life, and competitive future. and by these pittsburg foundations. working together to enhance and enrich the lives of children for mo than seventy-five years. and by the arthur vining davis foundations. dedicated to strengthening america's future through education. adcasting, dedicated to strengthening america's future and contributions to your pbs station, from viewers like you. the neighbourhood ♪ and contributions to your pbs station, ♪ a beautiful day for a neighbour ♪ ♪ would you be mine? ♪ could you be mine? ♪ won't you be my neighbour? - ♪ it's daniel tiger's neighborhood ♪ ♪ a land of make-believe ♪ w
. >> the network is also in new york city and other major cities of the country, los angeles, chicago and other places. basically there's been an epidemic of police murder and police brutality and racial profiling across the country. there's been a rise in the number of people in prison. there's 2.5 million in prison. we need to put a stop to this and build a movement that's going to put a stop to this. around this area recently, you can see there's been 7 -- [indiscernable] >> thank you, i understand you'll have some of those family members here today right. >> yes, he'll be here and chapman who is the mother of kenneth harding junior. >> thank you and we will be here and following them as they march through oakland and bring you any updates as we get them. >>> in pittsburgh police are looking for a homicide suspect. the body of a 20 year old man was found lying on the sidewalk near railroad avenue. police are not saying if he had been shot or stabbed. an autopsy is set for tomorrow. a motive or suspect is not yet known but investigators say they are following some leads in a case. a jury is n
salir de los angeles de vez en cuando. bueno, eso es todo. voy a llamar a la recepción. quiero ver si angela ya ha regresado. me gustaría saber cómo está roberto. ¿y qué saben uds.? ¿ya se despertó roberto o todavía no? iroberto! ¿cómo estás? ¿te sientes bien? ¿dónde estoy? finalmente, roberto se despertó. angela no ha regresado todavía. ojalá roberto esté bien. ¿saben? me gusta la familia castillo. son buena gente y creo que arturo les cayó muy bien a ellos. raquel no lo sabe pero la familia castillo tiene otras preocupaciones también: preocupaciones familiares y preocupaciones financieras. ¿cuáles son las preocupaciones familiares que tienen? bueno, están preocupados por juan y pati. no sé qué va a hacer. ¿crees que vaya a buscar a pati en nueva york? ¿qué piensan los miembros de la familia de los problemas de juan y pati? ¿son optimistas o pesimistas? van a solucionar su problema. es cierto. lo que ocurre es que todos estamos muy nerviosos con la enfermedad de fernando. son optimistas y no creen que deben entrometerse en sus problemas. después, el tem
. we see policy in the city as being a lot like the staples center in los angeles. it is where the airport connector meets the coliseum. we think the combination of sports franchises, hotels, other entertainment units, and this area of retail is going to be an amazing project. we are about to name the company that will be leaving that in the next couple of weeks. particularly for hotels. >> the flip side is with all the tech built in san francisco -- if those companies are going to continue to grow and more are going to join them, new development is going to be the answer to that. getting anything out of the ground in san francisco can be a bit of a trial. how could you clear away some of the obstacles of this sort of development can happen quickly? >> it is a good challenge to have. i bring back my days of the department of public works, where we did sit -- did do some very efficient processes. i am meeting with development groups on a regular basis, with technology groups to get their input. we have good synergy going on where all the different departments are in gage, whethe
are part of this drill, yes. then in the state of california 9.3, from los angeles, san diego, san francisco, all participating in this earthquake drill. that is pretty big large numbers of people that are joining all of you. don't you feel special? yeah, everybody is doing this. i have to my left and right are really important department heads. our chief of police is to my left. he is participating and has a lot of staff to support this effort. we have our fire chief. did you know? you reading from the book, grace for president, she is our female chief of our fire department. to her right is rob, the head department of our department of emergency management. one of the most important departments that's working with police and fire and connected up with the whole state with our school system, school board, principals and students to organize and make sure we are prepared for the next earthquake or emergency. this is why we have the great california shakeup drill. this is why we are doing it all over the state. we have to be a little better prepared. how many of you think that you'r
, cbs news, los angeles. >>> good morning, everybody. you are watching 9news now. andrea and mike are both off today. >> i'm monika samtani. >>> a nice cold jacket. a beautiful week. our only weather problems will be the cold this problem, we'll watch what happens late in the we can. here's a look at our day planner because we are expecting to chill to give way to sunshine. low to mid-60s by lunch time with a mid-afternoon high in the low 70s.
to major corporations. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet los angeles.
mostly sunny 6. miami 86. chicago a little rain there 72. dallas partly cloudy 84. los angeles mostly cloudy, 69. now for a check of today's national forecast. rain and mountain snow will roll into the west but it will be dry in southern california. showers and thunderstorms will develop across much of the midwest. thunderstorms are possible across arkansas, oklahoma and northwestern texas. and it will be a nice day in the northeast. >>> on the cbs moneywatch two tech giants launch big products this week and nissan recalls thousands of vehicles. >> reporter: good morning. asian markets made a late recovery after the yen the pole a two month low against the dollar helping exporters. tokyo's nikkei rose a fraction. ong kong's hang seng added a half of a%. wall street hopes to rebound after a sour week to the week. blue chips tumbled on friday. the dow lost 205 points the biggest loss in four months. the nasdaq was down 67. the price at pump continue to go down. the national average cost for a gallon of regular is $3.68. that's 11 cents less then a week ago and 15 cents less than a month
in on theocations of all of the campaign served los angeles. e presidential candidate and the focus here at home and we have a lot of elections in our area as well. we have the senate race in virginia and maryland. and, of course, we have a pledge the ora of oral litany and gay marriage as well. and what we're going to do is low error -- throw some surprises as well and we have guests coming up. mark plotkin here to break down important news and that begins tonht. >>> the edge on maryland, incumbent democrat ben cardin gets a huge boost in his re- election campaign. today, "the washington post" endorsed cardin and this is as the poll from the newspaper shows him leading among likely voters. 53% of the vote is rivals, the republican dan bongino independent rob sabini has 49% of the vote. looks like there is a clear winner, analysts say there is a growing minority of marylanders voting for non-traditional candidates. we're airing, as you heard, a special one-hour debate between the candidates. didn't hear us, actually, it's new. you can see it here live on wednesday, october 31st at 9 a.m. >>> whe
can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet los angeles.
of the day. now we take time out to get the latest today's current tv from lisa ferguson in los angeles. >> good morning, everyone. less than two weeks left to go and president obama and mitt romney are prepping for their final debate tonight. tonight will be the final side by side comparison of the two candidates before the november vote, but if that doesn't settle the score for you, "politico" has six questions that will decide this year's election. number 1 has to do with romney's performance during the first presidential debate. he came out stronger than expected and the question is that enough to take votes away from the government. they also say what the heck is going on with all of these polls. what is more important is the electoral college vote and president obama does have the lead there. even though romney is closing in here in the states, president obama is still widely favored abroad. foreign views show the race as far from even. one survey showed 75% of europeans favor obama, 8% lean towards romney and many international leaders are unprepared for a
wanted to do more. by shifting half of the program, one of the hosts, some of the los angeles -- angele ever colleagues in california are on a screen at their own table 3,000 miles away talking. they have a different perspective on things. things that seem important to us in washington seem irrelevant there. the reverse can be true. it is great to have a conversation back and forth. correspondents based in places like chicago, we have full time people in new orleans for a couple of years after katrina, and having people in different places just really enriches the conversation and the range of stories you can do. >> one of your radio reports, so people can hear you, this is on the road. we will find out afterward. [video clip] i am standing on the ruins of carthage. this city was the capital of an empire, destroyed by the romans more than 2000 years ago and rebuilt before it fell into ruin again. what we see are a couple of stone columns and the foundations of ancient buildings. we came here to begin a journey along the coast line through libya, egypt, and we are watching as nations reb
there was not a large population here. i moved from los angeles and it's grown 50,000 people in those years. i don't want to see it grow further per se and i'm not a fan of developing more housing but to answer the question if we add more housing i would say loosen up the rules to allow homeowners to create inlaw apartments and that way you open up unit availability at some level for additional housing. other than that i would be opposed to any new construction of any major land use of development for housing including the three major projects in the pipeline. >> mr. rogers. >> if there is going to be development it could be in the trans bays terminal that is truly close to rapid transit. walking distance to bart. walking distance to the train that heads down south. this would be an ideal place for a development to occur. a place like park merced where you have 17,000 people would be moving in there. 6,000 parking stalls, a car dependent project, right next to 19th avenue. you folks know how bad that is. how would it be better if we had more people living in park merced? i don't think so.
and the los angeles galaxy had police calling for reinforcements. it happened at half time during the game in santa clara. galaxy fans threw punches and set off smoke bombs. police in vallejo killed a naked man after he jammed a rifle that his roommate's stomach. the two broke windows in rine renne tall cows and several cars in the front yard and then set the house on fire. the bridge will be open at 5:00 a.m. as promised. that's what cal trans is telling us. contractors finished two weeks of work in one. that means the bridge is not going to be closed next weekend as was previously announced. new developments in the deadly mass shooting. police revealed a restraining order against the gunman was issued three days ago. authorities believe the shooter may have used a flammable liquid to fuel a fire in the spa in brookfield, wisconsin. >> police say the 45-year-old stepped into a luxury spa on sunday morning and began shooting. >> we heard a loud shriek. >> the assault terrorized the wisconsin community. >> i saw a girl coming out from the salon. she was bleeding in the neck. >> they locked
in los angeles. >> we'll have to wait until tonight's episode of "dancing with the stars" to see if contestent melissa ryekroft can compete. she injured her neck yesterday on the side of the show. she was diagnosed with a herniated disc. abc says her ability to perform tonight will be a show time decision. you can catch it tonight on abc 7 begin agent 8:00 followed by jep ti, wheel of fortune, and then, prime time what would you do at 10:00. >> there is something else to watch tonight. >> a special guest president obama invited to the presidential take its your last cans to see candidates on stage together before the election. what tonight's focus will be. >> victims of the san bruno pipeline blast turning up pressure now on the california public utilities commission. why they're demanding top regulator be removed. >> also decision that officially takes lance armstrong's name out of >> you can stand and say to the governor we want this removed. >> susan lost three relatives in the pg&e explosion in 2010. she with several other residents stepped up the pressure for removing the pr
is are also low. miami, riverside, and los angeles face the steepest financial burdens. area residents we spoke with were surprised. >> it is hard to believe that it affordable city. >> that is amazing. it gives us some hope that we bad off as we think. >> the study's co-author insists side, thep high cost ofly living in this area is proving burden onnsiderable residents. his suggestion? affordable housing to more where there is affordable transportation. >> thank you. it for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> live and in hd, this is abc news at 6, on your side. >> good evening. one last chance before election day, the candidates will face other in front of a national audience. >> the stage is set at lynn university in florida. the topics for this final debate with foreign policy. the polls are very tight. f tonight's preview o presidential debate. he is live in the newsroom.
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from stripping was good enough to allow them to move to los angeles, just in time for the housing bubble to knock his budding real estate business into the ditch. paula kept on dancing and paid the bills. for a few months they moved back and forth between places in michigan and california. now she was gone, and he was a guy alone in a miami beach hotel with a desk clerk on the phone asking if he was going to roll over the room for another night. kevin got himself together and went down to ask the manager for help. she's like, listen, get yourself together. we need to get this girl's picture out on the tv and out on the airways. [ sobbing ] >> miami beach police told him he would have to file a missing persons report with the city of miami, a different jurisdiction. that's where club space was located. the cops wouldn't take his report until 24 hours had passed. he had now last seen paula about ten hours before. >> and i'm freaking out. we're from out of town. we're vacationing. it's not like her to be gone this long. >> what happens the rest of sunday night. >> hospitals and jails
to become the los angeles chargers. >> shep: a chill pill. trace, thank you. >> and they are predicting the president will fail. governor quote, dangerous blunders. we'll hear what governor romeny's supporters. five people are dead now n and the feds are investigating a possible connection to a popular energy drink. this story was breaking during this afternoon. we have details now on this special edition of fox reports as we approach the bottom of the hour and top of the news. ford c-max hybrid. when you're carrying a lot of weight, c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid. for a golf getaway. double miles you can actually use... but mr. single miles can't join his friends because he's getting hit with blackouts. shame on you. now he's stuck in a miniature nightmare. oh, thank you. but, with the capital one venture card... you can fly any airline, any flight, any time. double miles you can
bands on stage at one concert. the bands played at universal studios in los angeles, california, yesterday. >> gosh. >> kind of cool. >> really kind of tricked us there oh, there is paul mccartney, oh, no. >> i would check it out. >> why not? >> as we head into tonight's final presidential debate, one big question. is the election good arrest bad news for retailers? we'll explain at 6:00 in our business beat. >> first, it is time for our facebook fan of the day. today we say hello to randy rinehart. rand yip says she makes sure she wakes up to fox 5 every day by changing the channel the night before. >> that is a good game plan. >> what was she watching the night before? >> we don't wear as long as she's watching us in the morning. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan. the day, log onto our facebook page and leave a comment under randy's picture. congratulations, randy. have a good monday. maryland schools are number one in america becausese we invest in them. but we can do even more. every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty million dollars at casinos in other states.
likely to suffer sports injuries than athletes who got fewer hours of sleep. children's hospital of los angeles presented the study at the national conference of american academy of pediatrics. >>> pediatricians say boys are starting puberty earlier than ever. a new study concludes boys are hitting the first stages of puberty 6 to 24 months earlier than in previous decades. the findings mirror a similar trend among girls. doctors say african-american boys are now entering puberty at the age of 9, most other boys are hitting it at 10. the study from the american academy of pediatrics includes data from more than 4,000 boys. the study authors say the cause of the change are still unclear. >>> the sky is falling, a tire comes crashing down to earth hitting a car and smashing through a roof. so where did it come from? >>> and we'll tell you why e.t. has a brand-new home, to phone. as governor, i cut five billion dollars in spending and balanced the budget every year. and tim kaine and i both cut our own pay as governors, to lead by example. mark warner and i reached across party lines to ge
states. a crime, really. so what do you do? a neighborhood in los angeles had a novel idea. these fliers were apparently passed around offering free weed, you know, as in pot, with proof of voting in eagle rock's local election. the flier listed candidates of the progress and collaboration slate who ran against others who oppose pot dispensaries. some voters weren't too happy about this. >> this marijuana issue is a travesty of american justice. how could anyone believe that the intellect will survive running against a candidate that is enlisting the community's drug addiction for $40 for a voucher, to get a free drug voucher. >> reports say ten times as many people turned out to vote in this year's election than in past elections. there's no proof the fliers were a motivation. progress members say the fliers did not belong to them. >>> all right. let's head out to boca raton, florida. paul steinhauser is standing by. wanted to talk a little bit more about the debate and if it will be as contentious as the last debate. take it away, paul. >> reporter: carol, that's the big question. are
them a monetary compensation. we reached out to the local los angeles city councilman's office that representing this district. this is what he tells cnn. he said my office has referred this matter to the city attorney's offense and d.o.n.e. i will also be introducing a motion seeking a rule change for the he will jent in stakeholder status, this is very important, so that only those who are truly invested in the communy can vote during neighborhood council elections. what's a stakeholder? this is a thing, a provision in this election allows you could go to my hometown, by a starbucks cup of coffee, and be eligible to vote. we reached out to the president listed on this slate that was endorsed by this flyer, and he says he had nothing to do with it. he completely distanced himself from this flyer. take a listen. >> like i said, i had no knowledge of the flyer, and speaking with the other candidates on the slate, i know they had no knowledge of the flyer again until the day of the election when it was passed around. >> so he's distanced himself from it altogether. he's saying ac
, the anti-islamic video that came out of los angeles. did it have something to do with that according to best intel zm. >> chris, let me tell you what i heard from the intelligence officials and then you and your viewers can decide. their intelligence is that some of the people who attacked the compound on the night of september 11, had been watching the events in cairo live. they had been watching al jazeera or whatever network it was showing the protests at the american embassy in cairo about the video. they also know that in addition to watching this, they talked among themselves about what was happening in cairo, and then they went to the consulate compound. they don't have intelligence that has them planning specifically what they would do or why they would go. that, unfortunately, is still a missing piece of the puzzle, but that's what leads them to say there was some link between what happened in cairo and these people gathering at the compound and then assaulting it. >> well, was the difference then between the initial intel and the later intel that the initial intel said it w
outside d.c. and los angeles. so we feel like our future is very, very bright. there are some short-term challenges for sure. but even with our comp, which is a disappointment for some or most in the third quarter at 4.8%, we think in this economy that's probably going to be among the leaders in terms of restaurant companies generating a comp. >> what do you think is the tie-in between the economic uncertainty that you reference in the conference call and the food itself? say $9, $9.50 for a lunch. we've got on the set the 5 taco bell and the $7 chipotle. they look rather identical. i know in the conference call you refute the idea that people are going to the competition. but at the same time, where are they going if they're not going to chipotle? >> well, to be honest with you, they're still going to chipotle. our underlying comp transactions in the second quarter were 4. -- about 4.2%. in the third quarter they were about 4.3%. so underlying comp transactions are the same quarter to quarter. we had 330 basis points of additional pricing in the second quarter. that explains the en
to bounce back. los angeles lakers' star kobe bryant was charged with sexual assault in 2003 after winning three nba championships. the charge was eventually dropped and he won two more titles. then atlanta falcons quarterback michael vic spent two years in prison for dog fighting. he joined the philadelphia eagles after he was released from prison in 2009. and tiger woods was engulfed in a sex scandal but returned to play and won his 74th tournament last summer. some thoughts now about the fallout of the lance armstrong story and those of other athletes whose reputations have been tarnished in this modern era. christine brennan is a sports writer and columnist for usa today and abc news. she's covered armstrong, marion jones, and the rise of performance-enhancing drugs in sports. as we noted, christine, this story is not the first. probably not the last. what's different about the armstrong saga? >> i think what's different is that lance armstrong has long ago left the sport sphere, the realm of sports and moved on to a much higher plane in terms of his role in the cancer community, as an
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